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Witness the last solar eclipse of the year today

Washington D.C.: The last solar eclipse of the year is set to take place today, and if you are lucky then you might get to see the celestial event.

Antarctica will be the only place on earth from where the total solar eclipse could be seen.

In some other places, where the sun, moon and the earth are not directly lined up, a portal solar eclipse could be seen. Only a part of the sun’s surface will appear to have a shadow this celestial event.

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A partial eclipse could be seen in parts of Saint Helena, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, Crozet Islands, Falklands Islands, Chile, New Zealand and Australia, NASA said.

Many countries including India where the event will not be visible, can still view the event using NASA’s live streaming service.

A view of the total eclipse from the Union Glacier, Antarctica would be streamed by NASA, conditional that the weather is clear during the time of the event.


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