Woman runs away from home after being pressured to marry, returns back after 7 years as PCS officer

New Delhi: Fleeing home with very little money with her, a 28-year-old Meerut woman back in 2013 was determined to not give up on her dreams due to family pressure. Seven years later, Sanju Rani Verma has cracked the Public Service Commission (PSC) examination to become a commercial tax officer.

After Verma lost her mother while pursuing a post-graduation degree from Delhi University, her family pressurized her to leave studies mid-way and get married. Born in a family, where women’s education isn’t encouraged, Verma had to fight tooth and nail to realise her ambition.

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A graduate from Meerut’s RG Degree College, she found herself at a crossroad, unable to make her family understand the perspective of building her own career and not settle down, said in a national daily.

Verma said that in 2013 she had to leave her post-graduation study too and having no financial support, she rented a small apartment where she started taking private tuition classes. She was also offered part-time teaching jobs in private institutions and while managing all of these, she continued with her preparations for PSC exam.

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And all of it paid off well when Verma cleared the UPPSC-2018 exam, the result of which was declared last week.

However, Verma has her eyes fixed at a higher goal, to crack the civil service exam and become a divisional magistrate.

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Nevertheless, the 35-year-old still wishes to support her family financially and hopes that the ones, who disrespected a daughter’s choice of leading a life by herself, would now respect her as she rises to become an officer.

Verams’s teacher from Meerut believes that her success is a defeat of the society’s conditioning, where daughters should always be under the control of sons and men.

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