Chinese parliament approves the controversial national security law

Beijing: The controversial national security law on Hong Kong was brought into force by the parliament of China, and in an extraordinary and unprecedented move aimed at bringing the semi-autonomous territory further under Beijing’s control at bringing the semi-autonomous territory further under Beijing’s control.


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On Thursday, China’s National People’s Congress voted and passed a draft decision that paves the way or anti-sedition laws to be directly enacted in Hong Kong, bypassing the semi-autonomous territory’s legislature.


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Details of the law are still scarce but it will target secession, subversion of state power, terrorism activities and foreign interference, the Chinese government has said. The process to enact the law bypasses Hong Kong’s legislature and could take a few months to complete.


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The decision to press ahead with the new legislation – which was widely expected – followed a controversial week that saw protests surge again in Hong Kong after weeks of relative calm as the territory observed social.


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