• Around 80 staff members of a Delhi hospital tested positive for Covid19


    New Delhi: Nearby 80 medical staff and a specialist at Delhi's Saroj Super Speciality Hospital have examined positive for the coronavirus over the last month. Dr. AK Rawat, the specialist who was vaccinated, died of COVID-19 on Saturday. He was 58.

    "Around 80 medical staff have tested positive between April and May. Dr. AK Rawat was my junior, a surgeon… he succumbed to Covid yesterday," the hospital's Chief Medical Officer Dr. PK Bhardwaj told NDTV.

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    Dr. Bhardwaj maintained that Dr. Rawat was battling on. "He (Dr. Rawat) was brave enough, he was fighting. He said 'I shall feel alright, I am vaccinated'," Dr. Bhardwaj described his last exchange with the specialist surgeon.

    The severe news reaches at a time when the city hospitals are wasted due to a surge in coronavirus cases and an expanded patient count.

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    The private hospital last month had moved the Delhi High Court seeking directions for urgent supply of oxygen, a critical element in the therapy of critically ill Covid patients, as it had exhausted its stock.

    "Situation has slightly improved but there is always anxiety as to when we will get the next stock of oxygen," said the Chief Medical Officer.

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