• Assam: Wear mask or pay Rs 1000 fine


    Guwahati: Citing lapses on the part of the general public of not following the strict covid rules of mandatory mask wearing amidst the pandemic period, the Government in Health & Family Welfare Department, in exercise of the powers conferred under the said Regulations, hereby direct that the following measures will be complied by the general population within the state of Assam:-

    1. All persons moving for whatsoever purpose and under whatever reason/authority in public places like street, hospital, office, market etc must compulsorily wear 3-ply mask or cloth mask. In absence of mask, a gamocha or any other traditionally woven cloth in at least two layers which completely covers the mouth and nose can also be used.
    2. No person/official will attend any meeting/gathering without wearing masks.
    3. Any person moving around in personal/official/public vehicle must be wearing masks.
    4. Any person working at any site/office/workplace must wear masks.
    5. Masks used by one person shall not be used by any other person.
    6. Disposable or single use masks shall be properly disposed.
    7. Anybody violating these instructions on use of face cover will be punishable under the section 188 of Indian Penal Code. A fine of Rs 1000 will be taken if anybody found violating the above mentioned rules.

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