• Centre to approve COVID-19 vaccine for children, urges Arvind Kejriwal


    New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asks the center to provide vaccination for everyone above 18 years of age in the national capital. He requested the central government to start the vaccination drive for all age groups.

    "I appreciate Centre's decision to operationalize both public and private sector COVID vaccination Centres (CVCs) on all days of April. However, I urge the government to remove the clause of vaccinating only those people aged above 45 years. I request the Centre to start the vaccination drive at a mass-scale," said Kejriwal while addressing the press conference here.

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    He also urged the government to allow the vaccination drive to be carried in schools and district centers so that a larger quantity of people can be reached out.

    Kejriwal also proposed issues on different rates for vaccines for the Centre and State governments and told them the value should be the same for everyone.

    "Delhi has entered the fourth wave of COVID-19. In the last few days, COVID-19 cases in Delhi have been rising. 3,583 new cases have been reported in Delhi in the last 24 hours. We are taking all possible measures, there is no need to worry."

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    While Serum Institue of India, which is manufacturing Covishield, will sell the vaccine for Rs 400 per dose to state governments, Bharat Biotech will charge Rs 600 per dose to states for Covaxin. Both the vaccine manufacturers will supply the vaccines for Rs 150 per dose to the Centre, Kejriwal said and requested to them to reduce the cost to Rs 150 per dose.

    "This is the time to help humanity, not make profits," the chief minister said.


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