• Festive Mood: Mising Community of Assam begin their ‘Ali Aye Ligang’ festival from today


    Guwahati: The Mising Community of Assam has begun their five day spring festival ‘Ali Aye Ligang’ which  begins on ‘Ligange Lange’, the first Wednesday of ‘Gimur Polo’ which occurs in February as per the Gregorian calendar of on Wednesday of the month of Fagun of the Assamese calendar.

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    The young and old together take part in ‘Gumrag Soman’ dancing to the tunes of the traditional drum beats while singing their folk songs known as ‘Oi nitoms’. They also participate in the celebration adorning beautiful woven dresses that are distinct in their culture; the men wear Gonro Ugon, Mibu Galuk and Dumer while the women folk wear Ege, Ribi gaseng, Gero etc.

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    Ali Aye Ligang, which literally translates to sowing roots and fruits as Ali means seeds, Aye stands for fruits and Ligang means sowing. The festival is observed at the onset of seed sowing especially the starting of the ‘Ahu’ paddy cultivation.

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