• Man Owns the World’s Most Dangerous Pet One Can Ever Imagine


    Washington, DC: An animal lover, who goes by the handle @benpleasedont on Tik Tok, revealed that he had picked up a little critter called the 'Death Stalker' scorpion as a pet.

    In his Tik Tok video Unwrapping his new pet from its box, the Tik Toker said, "I got one of the most dangerous pets a person can own, and it's only the size of an eraser. This is the Death Stalker scorpion, which is one of the most venous scorpions on the planet. You have to use tongues when going near them because you do not wanna get in the way of that sting.”

    The Tik Toker added that he will be putting the scorpion in a micro-habitat as they are not good at climbing smooth surfaces like glass and plastics.
    Further, warning his follower about the risk of having scorpion as pet said that any person who has been envenomated becomes prone to anaphylaxis a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death.
    Death Stalker Scorpion also known as the Palestine yellow scorpion is the most dangerous species of scorpions whose venom is a powerful mixture of neurotoxin with a low lethal dose. It can be found in desert and scrubland habitats ranging from North Africa through to the Middle East.

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