• SBI dispenses Rs 71 Cr to fight against Covid 19

    SBI dispenses Rs 71 Cr to fight against Covid 19

    New Delhi: The State Bank of India(SBI) announces allocating Rs 71 cr for supporting the surge of coronavirus in India.  A part of this amount will be used to set up an improvised hospital with 1,000 beds. These makeshift bed hospitals will be set up in the most influenced states under Covid Cases.

    An amount of 30 crores will be allocated by the state-owned lender for making temporary hospitals. On the other hand, 21 crores will be used for other supplies such as healthcare types of equipment, oxygen supplies, ambulances, etc.

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    Rs 10 crore will be provided to the Non-Governmental Organizations so that they can cooperate with the communities in need. The remaining Rs 10 crores will be used to supplement the government's effort in genome sequencing. SBI is in discussions with several designated organizations to set up makeshift hospitals in various parts of states for the fight against Covid 19.

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    SBI has tied up with several hospitals for the vaccination process of their employees and immediate family members. The Bank has provided 60 of its training centers to treat its employees and their family members in isolation.