• Samaritan at the time of Pandemic: Businessman refilling oxygen cylinders at Rs 1


    Lucknow: At a time when several states are struggling to maintain the bare minimum oxygen stock used in treating covid patients, a samaritan, Manoj Gupta is refilling oxygen cylinders at a cost of only Rs 1 for the treatment of Covid patients.

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    Manoj Gupta, a businessman in Hamirpur district is refilling oxygen cylinders at a cost of only Rs 1 for the treatment of Coronavirus positive patients.

    Gupta runs Rimjhim Ispat Factory, situated in Sumerpur Industrial Area in Hamirpur and has refilled over 1,000 cylinders for Rs 1 only in his bottling plant to save the lives of hundreds of Covid patients.

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    Gupta, who himself had tested positive for the contagion last year, said, “I have experiences the suffering because I have gone through a similar experience. My bottling plant has a capacity of refilling 1000 oxygen cylinders per day and I am giving the refilled cylinders at Rs 1 to all,” he said.

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    Relatives of all Covid patients under home isolation can get oxygen cylinders refilled after submitting their RT-PCR report, certificate from the doctor treating them and Aadhaar card.

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