• Shocking! Thieves drive off with car and the car owner’s wife after owner leaves keys inside


    Chandigarh: In a shocking incident reported from Punjab’s Dera Bassi near Chandigarh, a group of carjackers drove off with a parked car with the car owner’s wife inside. Later, the carjacker dumped the woman on the highway and sped off with the car.

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    The car owner identified as Rajeev Chand, employed in a private company, was at his children’s school along with his wife to deposit school fees. Rajeev went inside the school premises while his wife decided to stay inside the car. Rajeev left the car keys in the ignition and went inside the school to pay the fees.

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    Suddenly two men barged into the car and covered the face of Rajeev’s wife, preventing her to raise and alarm. While one of the car jacker sat on the driver’s seat and sped off, the other thief held Rajeev’s wife. Later the four wheeler reached the national highway where the car jackers dumped Rajeev’s wife near the Ambala toll plaza, as reported in the Hindustan Times


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