• Sings when home isolated patients need hospitalization: Explained by Health Ministry


    New Delhi: In the seam of increasing the number of Covid 19 cases in the nation, the Health Ministry has recommended signs for consideration regarding home isolated patients. 

    With the rising number of cases, the shortage of medical facilities strikes a big tension in the nation. The health ministry has listed out some signs which indicate the requirement of hospitalization for the home isolated patients.

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    The Union Health Ministry has said that decreasing oxygen saturation, extreme tiredness are alerting signs that indicate a COVID-19 patient in home isolation needs hospitalization.

    "People living in home isolation keep contacting their doctor. Saturation is decreasing to 93 or less, there are conditions like fainting, chest pain, then contact the doctor immediately," Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS (Delhi), said during a press briefing.

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    “Falling oxygen saturation (below 93), excessive fatigue, or chest pain are warning signs. Thus, such patients should stay in touch with a doctor and high-risk group people having comorbidities also need to take special care,” he added.

    During the press conference, the Delhi AIIMS chief also recommended several early ways of COVID-19 treatment.

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