• Tinsukia: Dhulijan villagers perform heart wrenching last rites of vultures that died of poisoning


    Tinsukia: In a heart wrenching incident, hundreds of villagers of Dhulijan, Tinsukia gathered on Sunday to perform the last rites of vultures that died of poisoning last month. A tensed, emotional atmosphere had gripped the remote village where villagers had gathered to give a respectful farewell to the dead vultures.

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    This event of grief and sorrow that was visible on the faces of the people underlined the coexistence and bonding between humans and wildlife.

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    Reports of deaths of the vultures started coming from the village on January 18, and within a week, at least 36 vulture carcasses were found in and around the village, allegedly after consuming flesh of seven cows, which allegedly died due to "poisoning" after drinking from a nearby waterbody.

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