• WHO approves two new treatments for Covid-19, details here 

    Digital Desk: The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved two new treatments for the deadly Covid-19. The approval comes on Friday and extends the arsenal of means and vaccines to avert the severe illness and its impacts. WHO has further stated that there is a possibility that half of Europe will be infected with the virus by the end of March 2022.  The World Health Organization has approved the new treatments considering the surge of the fresh Omicron variant across nations. Earlier, WHO stated that the new Omicron variant's transmission level is faster than any other coronavirus variant. Also Read: Civic polls strategies: BJP plans to inaugurate Pune Metro WHO specialists stated that the arthritis drug baricitinib is used with corticosteroids to treat intense or critical Covid patients, leading to more promising survival rates and decreased requirement for ventilation.  Specialists even urged synthetic antibody therapy Sotrovimab for non-serious Covid at the highest chance of hospitalisation, such as the old individuals with immunodeficiencies or chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Only three other treatments for Covid-19 have received WHO approval, starting with corticosteroids for severely ill patients in September 2020. "When both are available, select one based on issues including price and clinical experience," the guidelines stated. The treatment recommendations by WHO are updated regularly based on the latest data from clinical tests.

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