• World Press Freedom Day : Everything You Need To Know About


    Press Freedom DAY 2021: Every year May 3rd is observed as World Press Freedom Day. This year's theme is “Information as a Public Good”. Press is considered to be the fourth pillar. This day is dedicated to freedom of press, counting the need for governments and people across the world to respect the media professionals. 

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    It is a day showcasing solidarity with journalists, photo-journalists and all associated with the media bringing out the information among the people. Everyday the journalist works in the toughest condition to bring out the news from across the world to the homes of people. This day also remarks the lost lives who gave up their life for the pursuit of a story.

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    It is important having access to accurate and comprehensive news coverage. Journalism has been the fourth pillar that works to provide the truth among the people. It is necessary to bring out high-quality independent journalism. It is important to publish the fast-checked and well-sourced as news spread in a rapid way. Ever wondered if journalists do not perform their jobs? This would mean there will be no body to exercise the freedom to inform, educate and explain out the issues among the people that matters.

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    Covid-19 has changed the whole scenario of the world. At this crucial time, the journalists have been trying to give out their best in providing every detail to the people. Many risk out their lives while providing the reports on Covid-19. The world experiences a lot of crimes against good and sincere journalists. Many journalists have been put behind the bars for disseminating information that could hamper a community’s interest. But the reality showcases something different. May 3 is celebrated to make everyone understand journalism is important and it should have its freedom. It is to remind the need to support independence and transparency in journalism worldwide.


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