• Performing these five remedies on Hanuman Jayanti will remove all problems from your life

    Performing these five remedies on Hanuman Jayanti will remove all problems from your life

    Hindu scriptures tell us that Hanuman ji was born on the full moon day of the Chaitra month...

    Digital Desk: Hindu scriptures tell us that Hanuman ji was born on the full moon day of the Chaitra month. On this day, Hindu devotees all over the nation worship Hanuman ji.

    It is said that devotees who take special measures on this day will receive the blessings of Bajrangbali. This year, Hanuman Jayanti falls on Thursday, April 6. At the same time, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the Chaturdashi of Kartik Krishna Paksha. However, Hanuman Jayanti in Chaitra month has a unique significance.

    According to astrology, if a person worships Hanuman ji on this day while performing all the rituals, Hanuman ji will eliminate all the troubles from that person's life. In this manner, the person not only receives Hanuman Ji's blessings but also gets relief from all his hardships. The scriptures also describe some astrological measures for this day. It is said that carrying out these measures also aids the individual in finding relief from all of his problems. Learn about these steps and how they should be carried out.

    Offering Chola to Lord Hanuman

    Astrology states that a person's problem will be resolved if Chola is offered to Hanuman ji on Hanuman Jayanti. To put an end to a crisis in one's life and find peace and tranquility, one should also offer Chola to Hanuman ji on Tuesday, Saturday, and Hanuman Jayanti. On the other hand, a person who offers Chola to Hanuman Ji will never be impacted by evil spirits, Shani and planetary obstacles, diseases, sadness, legal difficulties, falling in debt, tension, and so on.

    Offer Betel Leaves

    If you are undertaking a task that you believe will be challenging for you, or that you will be unable to keep things under control, or if you have any other concerns, you should pray to Lord Hanuman and ask for his help in carrying out your duties. For this, one should offer betel leaves to Hanuman ji on Tuesday or on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. If this is done after worshipping in the temple, that individual will soon receive Lord Hanuman's blessings and will be able to carry out their responsibilities with ease and effectiveness.

    Offer Lamp Made Of Flour

    According to astrology, if you are having difficulty getting out of financial debt, you should place some jasmine oil in a flour lamp and burn it by putting it on a banyan leaf. Keep five lamps on five banyan tree leaves. Take them and place them in the temple of Hanuman Ji. By implementing this remedy, one will be liberated from all types of obligations in life. Along with this, Shani's obstacles will be removed.

    Offering A Flag

    According to astrology, if one wishes to experience success in any task or victory in a battle, they should offer a red or saffron-colored flag to Hanuman ji. It is said that when the flag is hoisted in the temple, the person's respect rises and all work progresses. This flag should have the name of Lord Ram inscribed on it and should be triangular in shape. This is said to assist in the removal of all property-related issues for the individual.

    Offer The Name Of Ram

    Hanumanji is said to be very fond of the name Ram. The devotion of Lord Shri Ram pleases Hanuman Ji. For this, mix vermilion and jasmine oil on a peepal leaf, write Ram's name on it, and give it to Hanuman ji. By doing this remedy, a person will be freed from all of his problems and will be able to find happiness and security in their life.