• Vishwakarma Jayanti: Date and Muhurat Time of Vishwakarma Puja 2022

    Vishwakarma Jayanti: Date and Muhurat Time of Vishwakarma Puja 2022
    Vishwakarma puja coincides with Kanya Sankranti, the annual transit of the Sun (Surya) to Kanya Rashi (Virgo).

    Digital Desk: Vishwakarma puja, unlike other festivals observed at houses, is performed in commercial environments such as workstations, factories, and offices.

    It honours Lord Vishwakarma, also known as Biswakarma, and is widely celebrated in Assam, Tripura, West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka.

    Interestingly, he is one of the deities mentioned in the Rig Veda, the ancient scripture thought to be the world's oldest. Vishwakarma is also known as the Gods' and Goddesses' engineer/architect/carpenter.

    As a result, he is revered by architects, carpenters, engineers, technicians, mechanics, and sculptors. Furthermore, as previously indicated, this event is primarily observed by individuals in the aforementioned professions. 

    As an outcome, special pujas are held in factories, mills, and workshops to honour the Universe's designer. Toggle for the Vishwakarma puja 2022 date and other important information.

    Date of Vishwakarma Puja in 2022

    Lord Vishwakarma originally appeared on Kanya Sankranti (the day the Sun migrates to the Kanya Rashi/Virgo). As a result, the Vishwakarma puja date is almost the same every year in the Gregorian calendar. Devotees will commemorate the festival again this year on September 17.

    Vishwakarma Puja Sankranti celebrations - The Puja Muhurat is scheduled for 7:36 a.m.

    Explore more about Lord Vishwakarma.

    Lord Vishwakarma is supposed to be the Gods and Goddesses' engineer/carpenter/mechanic/architect/sculptor. According to legend, Shri Krishna built Dwarika (which is now submerged in the Arabian Sea) and Ravana's Lanka. He is also credited with constructing the world-famous Jagannath temple in Puri, Odisha. Last but not least, Vishwakarma created Lord Shiva's Trishul, Lord Vishnu's Sudarshana Chakra, Ravana's Pushpak Vimana, and Indra's Vajra (thunderbolt).

    What is the purpose of Vishwakarma Puja?

    The rituals are carried out in factories, commercial establishments, workshops, and other locations. As a result, it is important for mechanics, artisans, technicians, sculptors, and carpenters. This festival teaches people to value varied skill sets and to honour professions and craftsmanship.

    Vishwakarma Puja is celebrated in which way?

    In the workshop, clay idols of Lord Vishwakarma are put in little pandals. To give homage to the deity, elaborate rituals are done and Mantras are repeated.

    Technicians, workers, and artists revere Lord Vishwakarma as well as the tools and equipment they utilise. They seek the deity's blessings for business/establishment success. People also hope that the Lord protects their workplace from disasters or unsavoury situations.
    The Puja is done on an annual basis to ward off negativity and evil energy from workplaces.