An Open Letter: To The Future of The World

Dear Children,

Firstly, a very Happy Children’s day to you! Alongside a very Happy Diwali!

Today, I want to tell you something that you may not have realized amid the craziness of this year, you are all the witnesses and survivors of a changing world and we are all proud of you for that. This year, you stayed home and unknowingly participated in a life-altering occurrence, an event that no one had possibly imagined or could have prepared you for. This year, you attended school on your computers and laptops and mobile phones, and hopefully did not trouble your parents much. This year, you understood the importance of health, value of relationships and learned how to be your own best friend which honestly, a lot of us oldies struggle with throughout our lives. This year, all of you officially got promoted as the Sensible Generation than just growing children.

Some of you may have experienced things that weren’t age-appropriate as the adults like to call it, you may have lost family members, dropped your grades, seen your parents fight more than usual, lost touch with all your friends, fallen really sick but here’s what I need you to know; You are a Warrior and you’ve got this! I know sometimes it feels terrible to be a child; no one listens to you, everyone older than you is apparently always right, you are made to feel powerless, but in times when you feel this way, I want you to remember to enjoy being a child. This is the time of your life when you are allowed to make mistakes every day and learn from them while having fun and goofing around. It’s all the fun that wonderful memories are made of which will help you get through difficult times later in your life. And believe me, when I say this, there are so many grown-ups who wish they got another chance at childhood.

I am writing this letter to you all as a permanent reminder of how wonderful you are, and to tell you that no matter what happens, you will always shine.

As a child: you take joy in the simplest of occurrences in life that the rest of us take for granted, you speak the truth no matter how half baked it may be even if those around you are not always ready to hear it, you dare to dream and create a World of your own filled with compassion and celebrate your vulnerabilities. I know sometimes it can get you into trouble, but this World needs speakers, dreamers, creators, innovators, explorers and you have bits of all of these.

Never lose your wonderful imagination, even if others make fun or poke you.

When I see you, I see pure ambition, genuine freedom, fearless curiosity, a humble teach-ability, and eagerness to learn, courage, gentleness, innocence, strength, and kindness. But most of all, I see love- a willingness to love and be loved, in a world where you do not see class, race, religion, inequality, injustice, or hatred; allowing you to love undeterred by this world’s problems. I urge you to stay this way because this World needs your vision, and beg you to not give up on us.

This children’s day I want to invite you all to create a World of misfits, where your edgy beliefs of magic and miracles are not only appreciated but also become what takes you to adventures in life and render the endless possibilities of our chaotic world.

Be all that you can be. And be more than we ever were.

With Love,

A hopeful adult.

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