• Tata Nexon EV catches fire in Mumbai, probe begins

    Tata Nexon EV catches fire in Mumbai, probe begins

    The EV car fire was reported in Vasai West, and the video of the Tata Nexon engulfed in flames quickly went viral on social media.

    Digital Desk: A Tata Nexon EV caught fire in Mumbai, the first such incident involving an electric vehicle in India; the company is investigating the incident.

    The EV car fire was reported late Wednesday from Vasai West (near Panchvati hotel) in Mumbai, and a video of the Tata Nexon set ablaze on the internet.

    According to the company, "a detailed investigation is currently being conducted to ascertain the facts of this isolated incident."

    "Following that, we will provide a more detailed response. However, we are still dedicated to the safety of our vehicles and their passengers," the company added.

    The Tata Nexon EV is India's best-selling electric vehicle, with at least 2,500-3,000 units sold monthly.

    So far, the company has sold over 30,000 Nexon EVs.

    According to the video, the car's owner charged his Nexon EV with a standard slow charger installed at his workplace.

    According to media reports, after driving about 5 kilometres towards his house, he heard some strange sounds from the car and saw flashes of warnings on the dashboard, which alerted him to stop the vehicle and get out.

    Firefighters were later seen sprinkling water on the burning Nexon EV.

    "This is the first incident in nearly four years after more than 30,000 EVs have cumulatively covered over 1 million km across the country," the company said.

    Several electric two-wheelers in the country have caught fire due to battery explosions, prompting the government to investigate the incidents involving EV manufacturers such as Ola Electric, Pure EV, Jitendra EV Tech, Ather Energy, and Okinawa.

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