• Ex CFO, Unilever Global Enterprises invests in Assam Boy's startup from IIT at 15 Cr Valuation

    Ex CFO, Unilever Global Enterprises invests in Assam Boy's startup from IIT at 15 Cr Valuation
    Their unwavering dedication to serving those in need ignited a spark within them...

    Digital Desk: FoodioTech, a culinary tech revolution, is the brainchild of Akashjyoti Das, from IIT Kanpur, and his co-founder, Prithvi Sai. Akash, deeply rooted in the OIL township of Duliajan in Assam, embarked on a remarkable journey from Delhi Public School Duliajan to IIT Kanpur for his BTech in Mechanical Engineering.

    The story of FoodioTech's inception is both heartwarming and inspiring. It all began during the challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic when both Akash and Prithvi selflessly provided home-cooked meals to hospitals and COVID wards across regions in Delhi, Andhra, and Assam, truly inspired by their mothers’ love and culinary skills. 

    Their unwavering dedication to serving those in need ignited a spark within them, leading to the exploration of the intersection of technology and the food industry.

    This journey reached a significant milestone when they launched their first mobile application, offering a platform for home chefs to share their culinary creations with the world. The profound impact of their endeavor was recognized by none other than Union Cabinet Minister of India, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, who highlighted Akash and Prithvi's exceptional efforts towards women empowerment on Twitter and other platforms.

    The transformative potential of FoodioTech didn't go unnoticed. India Accelerator in Delhi recognized their vision and provided vital incubation support. Their path was further paved with seed funding, enabling them to take a giant leap forward. Thus, FoodioTech: Har Restaurant ka Right Hand was born.
    This revolutionary product is specifically designed to empower mid and small-scale food outlets in India's tier 2 and tier 3 cities, making cutting-edge technology accessible to restaurant owners. With this solution, restaurant management, customer behavior analysis, standardization, and automation can be effortlessly conducted through a simple click. 

    Considering the staggering number of over 3.1 crore food outlets across the country, FoodioTech sets its sights on capturing a significant market share. Their objective is to have access to 76% of the total market, which accounts for approximately 2.3 crore unorganized and standalone food outlets, representing a substantial market worth 55,000 crore INR.

    The heart of this story lies in a recent development that has taken FoodioTech to new heights. Mr. Gopalan Natarajan, former CFO of Unilever Global Enterprises, has joined FoodioTech as Chief Advisor and investor. His immense experience and expertise promise to lead this tech revolution into uncharted territories.

    Akashjyoti Das expressed his profound gratitude for Mr. Gopalan's guidance and partnership, stating, "It is an honor to have Mr. Gopalan guiding us for the last 6 months, and it's a matter of immense pleasure and confidence to have him join us as the Chief Advisor. We are thrilled to announce Mr. Gopalan's investment in our company’s ongoing fund round (of Rs 1.5 Cr), valuing us at INR 15 Cr. This partnership leaves no room for doubt that we are on the right path to revolutionizing the restaurant industry."

    Mr. Natarajan is currently offering essential support to FoodioTech's founders, particularly in the realm of financial and investment advisory. His profound expertise in financial matters is highly valued, and his ongoing guidance is playing a pivotal role in shaping the company's financial strategies, assessing investment opportunities, and facilitating funding rounds. 

    Moreover, Mr. Natarajan's extensive industry knowledge positions him as a key participant in FoodioTech's strategic decision-making processes. His astute perspective and active involvement are currently contributing to shaping crucial directions and decisions for the company's operations and future trajectory.

    FoodioTech's vision of bridging the technology gap in the restaurant industry, particularly in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, has found its guiding star in Mr. Gopalan Natarajan. With his support, the team is poised to create an indomitable force in the culinary tech landscape.