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CAA, Samujjal, Zubeen, etc. Can Assam People Move Government Decisions?

Guwahati: The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has again come to epicentre after the repeal of the three farm laws on November 19. Once again, the political parties and organizations are planning to intensify the anti-CAA stir in Assam. However, it will be notable to see that this time it will succeed in moving the government decision or will sum up in the middle of it.  

Recently, Zubeen Garg made a comment which stirred the topic of CAA in Assam. Garg commented that the CAA protest that stopped due to the covid pandemic would rise again, but this time, the protest will be on social media platforms. Zubeen’s reactions have evoked widespread opinions, making people eager to know if the CAA protest will resume?

It may be recalled that after the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the anti-law movement rocked the state as well as the country on December 12, 2019. A massive protest was organized against CAA by several organizations and political parties, with songs created especially for the protest in Assam.

However, the move failed to change the decision of the ruling government. In the name of the covid pandemic and for the matriculation examination and Assam assembly election, the protest was stopped in between. In contrast, two political parties were formed claiming that they would continue their protest against CAA.

Do you think it succeeds to do so?

At the same time, the farmers in the several borders of the country staged a protest against the three farm laws inspite of the cold weather condition of Delhi. They have been sheltering in the borders crushing all the barriers that come in front of them. They even didn’t think about the coronavirus and continued its protest. 

Moreover, they even refused the food that was supposed to be provided by the government. This shows the level of determination imbibed in them to move a government decision.

Interestingly, an artist involvement in the protest gained special attention; singer Diljit Dosanjh not only stood against the government decision but also gave Rs 1 crores to the farmers. Taking this example, it can be said that Kisan leader Rakesh Tikait and Diljit’s determination is lacking among the leaders of the CAA protest in Assam.

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Last year, in Assam, protest against CAA gained attention where protestors from every corner of the state stood against the anti-CAA law. But sadly, the protest remained for a short time. After the protest goes into the hands of some of the fake protestors, it gets distracted from its aim.

The protest spiked after the main leaders, including AASU chief advisor Samujjal Kumar Bhattacharya and the artiste fraternity led by Zubeen Garg, turned the movement into a cultural programme with songs and dances which lacked the main aim of the protest.

On the contrary, the move taken by Diljit-Rakesh Tikait along with the farmers has changed a government decision. If we compare the duo of Diljit-Rakesh Tikait and Samujjal-Zubeen, who have had more impact on the protest (CAA and Three Farm Laws), everyone knows it now.

Now, the question arises: if the political parties and organizations are planning to protest against the government decision, will it be executed, or will it remain in the minds of the protestors’?

Will it remain unresolved like the previous CAA protest?



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