• 'Bahubali' star Prabhas all set to make his Hollywood debut

    'Bahubali' star Prabhas all set to make his Hollywood debut

    Chennai: Indian Actor Prabhas's mega-stardom is flawless. Known widely for his illustrious and successful performances in South movies, including Bollywood, Prabhas's successful run in movies has now reached Hollywood. Prabash has now become a household name following his masterstroke appearance in Bahubali.

    A report in Glute states that a leading Hollywood production house has proposed Prabhas for a horror movie. As per reports, he has been given the film's screenplay, including if he wants it, the discussion will proceed.

    Now the question arises - Will Prabas give his nod for the Hollywood horror film? Earlier, it was reported in an interview that he was scared of horror stories. In such a scenario, there is a higher probability that the actor might turn down the offer.

    Nevertheless, an actor is constantly seeking new characters and styles. Accordingly, the chance of saying 'YES' endures higher bets. Hence, the coming time will reveal the story.

    The actor recently procured to cover list headlines as his no makeup photographs went viral on social media platforms. The star was incessantly trolled as netizens beat out numerous memes. In extension, his apparent weight gain further became a gossip around the corner