• Anil Kapoor workout routine at 65; leaves fans shocked

    Digital Desk: Age is nothing more than a number, as Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor recently demonstrated. The 65-year-old actor took to Twitter to reveal a picture of his toned biceps, which has left netizens speechless. He seemed to be growing old in reverence. There were three more images of him in the post, one of which shows him wandering on the beach. He can be seen playing snooker in another shot. Our favourite has to be the one when he's flexing his muscles while posing for the camera. Also Read: Mumbai: 54 year old man killed by wife and son, thrown from 7th floor This is not the first time actor Anil Kapoor has shared training photographs on social media; the 'Virasat' actor has been inspiring his fans to exercise for a long time. Anil Kapoor hits the gym at least three days a week and spends minimum two-three hours. His main focus is always cardio and he also mixes up his exercises to bring some excitement to the workout routine. On the other days, he attempts to work out outside. Either a track run or some cardio on the grass. He enjoys working out in public. We often look up to Bollywood celebrities to keep us inspired in our fitness aspirations. Check out some of the benefits of working out on a regular basis. Working out on a regular basis is also Anil Kapoor's fitness motto. During the pandemic lockdown, he uploaded a snapshot of his post-workout muscular toning in one of his posts. The actor also follows a stringent diet. He begins his day with a substantial, healthful breakfast, followed by six smaller meals throughout the day. Eating smaller meals helps you avoid overeating while also increasing your body's metabolism. He supplements his diet with a variety of lean and whole protein sources. Eggs, protein shakes, chicken breast, fish, and lentils or dal are some of these items. Carbohydrates are another key component in his diet. He gets it through bananas, oats, broccoli, brown rice, and other foods. Anil Kapoor eats a lot of healthy fats. Milkshakes, cereals, and nuts are examples of these foods. Aside from a healthy workout and nutrition, the actor is also quite particular about his sleep cycle. Anil Kapoor makes every effort to maintain a seven-to-eight-hour sleep schedule. He does not smoke or consume alcohol.

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