• Kareena Kapoor Khan back to fitness post covid

    Digital Desk: Being consistent with your fitness practice, one workout at a time, is the key to excellent health. And if you're just starting on this road, Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is back to her workout program after recuperating from Covid-19, might provide some much-needed motivation. She is back to fitness post covid and is following strict diet tips to gain immunity.  Kareena Kapoor Khan, who was diagnosed with the virus in December 2020, has since started her yoga classes as well as her daily 10,000-step walk. "It's just getting started," she captioned an Instagram Story in which she showed that she had already walked 10,321 steps. In another post, she wrote, "Back at my most favourite spot… My yoga mat with my favourite girl… long road ahead but we can do this." Also Read: Centre says vaccination is not mandatory, Assam forced strict vaccination guidelines The Veere Di Wedding actor trains with yoga trainer Anshuka Parwani. Are you planning on returning to your fitness program after Covid? "There is no one size fits all," said Rhea Singh Anand, co-founder of Flexnest, in a prior interview with indianexpress.com. Each person's recovery is unique and is determined by their body, immune levels, the severity of the infection, and the many side effects. This is the time to take it easy and pay attention to your body. She advised that this is the time to unwind and give your body the time it needs to repair and rejuvenate. Fitness post covid is very impoprtant to gain your strenght back.  The first few weeks after recovery are all about rebuilding lung strength, which breathing exercises can accomplish. To do so, try simple breathing exercises like diaphragmatic breathing, balloon blowing, or spirometer use. "You should concentrate on restoring your flexibility and mobility, and minor stretches are permissible." You can also begin walking for 10 minutes at a leisurely speed twice a day," she said.  Only until a significant amount of time has passed and the body feels comfortable should the intensity be increased. "One should start with slow walking, mild stretching, and continue with breathwork," ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Dixa Bhavsar wrote in an earlier Instagram post. Pranayamas should be practiced both during and after Covid. It boosts immunity and maintains optimal oxygen levels." She also shared a few diet tips. *Eat only home-cooked, fresh, and warm foods. *Don't eat raw foods as they're difficult to digest. *Avoid sweet fruits. Favor sour over sweet, and make sure you eat fruits before 4 pm to digest them well. *Drink herbal teas between meals. *Favour light (easy to digest food) and nourish foods like khichdi with spices. *Stay hydrated. *Focus on fitness post covid.  

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