• Now lose weight effectively with this ‘simple tips’

    Now lose weight effectively with this ‘simple tips’

    Sahaya recommended doing 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups throughout the day. "Eventually, you'll find this super simple and be able to do it more easily." "Always wear a watch to keep track of time," the expert said.

    Digital Desk: Losing weight is essential for some people in order to
    maintain a healthy lifestyle and lower their risk of numerous disorders.
    However, it is a difficult path that involves devotion and endurance because
    losing those extra kilos necessitates a comprehensive approach that includes
    food adjustments, frequent exercise, and the adoption of lasting habits. It's
    also difficult because it requires breaking long-standing behaviours, fighting
    temptations, and dealing with disappointments. But what if we told you that you
    don't necessarily have to resort to fad diets and strenuous exercise to lose

    Yes, you read that correctly! If you aren't ready to commit to a
    strict weight-loss regimen, you can begin by adding some basic practises that
    may help you drop those excess lbs. Neha Sahaya, a nutrition and wellness
    specialist, posted on Instagram, "If you are lazy to start your weight
    loss journey but are still unhappy with your weight, then try these simple

    She also stated that these suggestions will help you set your
    attitude and motivate you to begin your weight-loss journey. Here are some
    pointers from Sahaya.

    *Drink water before and after
    your meals:
     The expert suggested consuming water 20 minutes before and after your meals. “You must drink water
    even before your snacks,” she said.

    color:#3E3E3E">Adding, Vishwas Awasthi, a celebrity fitness expert and nutritionist,
    said that having water before a meal can disrupt the stomach acid and having it
    immediately after the meal can impair digestion. “This is because the stomach
    needs to be 75 per cent full and 25 per cent empty for biles and enzymes to be
    released,” he said.

    mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0cm;padding:0cm;font-weight:normal;mso-bidi-font-weight:
    bold">*Walk post lunch and dinner:
     A 15-minute walk post lunch and
    dinner can be beneficial for you, Sahaya said. “If you wish to do it after your
    breakfast too, that’d be great.”


    Awasthi mentioned that walking immediately after a meal is not a good idea.
    “50-100 steps is absolutely okay. But ideally it should not immediately as the
    body will find it difficult to digest food and will instead focus on energy
    expenditure and increasing blood flow while walking. But if you take a walk
    30-45 minutes after a meal, then a 15-minute walk is suitable,” he said.


    *10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups: Sahaya recommended doing 10 push-ups and 10
    sit-ups throughout the day. "Eventually, you'll find this super simple and
    be able to do it more easily." "Always wear a watch to keep track of
    time," the expert said.

    *A cup of vegetables before lunch and dinner: According to Sahaya, a cup
    of vegetables should be consumed before lunch and dinner. "This will form
    a mesh in your intestine, slowly raise your blood sugar levels, and your
    stomach will be half full."

    border:none windowtext 1.0pt;mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0cm;padding:0cm;
    font-weight:normal;mso-bidi-font-weight:bold">Awasthi stated that vegetables
    help to buffer glucose levels, and that if a meal is balanced, a bowl of
    veggies "is not really the key to fat loss unless you have a condition
    that requires it."


    *Make your dessert healthy: While
    craving something sweet is natural, indulging in bad desserts might derail your
    weight-loss efforts. "If you're craving a dessert, toss some dates or
    strawberries in a bit of chocolate sauce and you're set," Sahaya said.

    In conclusion, Awasthi stated
    that "while these are some factors that help fat loss, sleep, relationship
    with food, stress management, and having a health coach to guide you on what
    works best based on your bio-individuality" are also important.