• WHO Alert after linking two cough syrups made in India to the deaths of 19 children in Uzbekistan

    WHO Alert after linking two cough syrups made in India to the deaths of 19 children in Uzbekistan
    Pharma company Marion Biotech has come under scrutiny following allegations of infants dying in Uzbekistan after swallowing cough syrup...

    Digital Desk: The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against giving two cough syrups manufactured by Noida-based Marion Biotech to children. 

    "After the products were connected to 19 deaths in Uzbekistan, cough syrups made by India's Marion Biotech should not be used for children," WHO stated in a statement. 

    "AMBRONOL syrup and DOK-1 Max syrup are the two products. Marion Biotech is the stated maker of these products (Uttar Pradesh, India). Both items had prohibited quantities of diethylene glycol and/or ethylene, according to laboratory examination "It stated. 

    In December, the Uzbek health ministry stated that up to 18 children had died in the country after consuming medicines manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical company. 

    The global health organisation stated in a medical alert that the "substandard medical items" supplied by Marion Biotech "are products that fail to meet quality norms or specifications and are hence out of specification."

    "This WHO Medical Product Alert concerns two subpar (contaminated) goods discovered in Uzbekistan and submitted to WHO on December 22, 2022. Substandard medical products are those that do not fulfil quality standards or specifications and hence fall short of the mark "According to a WHO alert posted on its website. 

    "Both of these goods might be marketed in other nations in the region. They may possibly have been spread to other countries or regions via informal marketplaces "WHO issued an additional warning. 

    According to the UN, "the inferior products indicated in this alert are dangerous, and their use, particularly in minors, may result in serious damage or death."

    The Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration department has halted Marion Biotech's production licence, which has been linked to the deaths of 18 children in Uzbekistan. 

    "We stopped Marion Biotech's production licence for not supplying enough paperwork; a show-cause notice was also issued by the state licencing body based on the documentation requested during the inspection, which they did not deliver," stated Gautam Buddh Nagar Drug inspector Vaibhav Babbar. 

    This comes months after WHO issued a warning about four "contaminated" cough syrups manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical, Maiden Pharma, that have been "possibly connected" to acute renal damage and 66 fatalities among Gambia children.