• International No Diet Day: Know its history and for what purpose it's celebrated


    On May 6, the world celebrates International No Diet Day (INDD) to promote body acceptance, especially fat acceptance and body shape uniqueness.

    Digital Desk: On May 6, International No Diet Day is observed every year. Body acceptance, especially fat acceptance and body form difference, is celebrated today. 

    It's a day to support a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing health at any size and increasing awareness of the possible risks of dieting and the improbability of success.

    Mary Evans Young is the director of the British group "Diet Breakers". She established International No Diet Day in 1992. 

    Check out the history of  International No Diet Day:

    Evans had anorexia (an eating problem), body image concerns, and was bullied.

    In 1992, a small group of women in the United Kingdom commemorated the day by wearing "Ditch That Diet" stickers. By 1993, it had spread all across the world.

    In 1992, the United Kingdom first observed the inaugural of International No Diet Day. 

    It is currently observed worldwide, particularly in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, and Brazil.

    A light blue ribbon is the symbol of International No Diet Day.

    Do you know why May 6 is celebrated as International No Diet Day:

    The day aimed to help both men and women deal with challenging challenges related to body awareness and diets.

    Its goal is to educate individuals about the negative consequences of poor dieting and teach them how to diet appropriately.

    It also encourages individuals to have a cheat day from all diets once a week and recognize body variation.

    International No Diet Day allows you to eat whatever you want. The day also serves as a reminder that nothing is more vital than self-love and that how you appear is unimportant.

    It encourages body acceptance and reminds them that they are all unique and lovely in their way.

    It also helps people focus on other aspects of their lives rather than focusing on diets.

    Hold all your negative thoughts, and stop thinking about idealizing your body type. Hard, intensive training will make you achieve a great figure, but it will cause you health damage.

    Take a break and "Grab that stuffy Cheese Burger" and satisfy your emotional quotient; celebrate this No International Day with many tasty foods. 

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