• Afghanistan: Taliban decision to ban co-education results partition of university classrooms


    Kabul: The Taliban's decision to ban co-education has resulted in the partition of University classrooms in Afghanistan.

    Pajhwok Afghan News wrote in his Twitter handle, “Partition in University classroom after Taliban announced that male and female students should not attend one classroom.”

    In a photo shared by Pajhwok Afghan News on Twitter, it is seen that the classroom is divided by a curtain creating a separate wall between the boys and girls.

    Earlier, in a meeting between Taliban, university lectures, and owners of private institutions, the terror group said, “There is no alternative and justification for continuing with co-education and it must be ended.”

    Afghanistan’s schools have separate classes for boys and girls, but there is co-education in government and private universities.

    Meanwhile, the officials have raised their concerns over the decision as separate classes can be managed in public universities; however, it is difficult in a private institution due to the lack of female students.

    Many people have condemned this decision, which will deprive girls of higher education as major universities in the country cannot provide separate classes for boys and girls due to a lack of resources.

    Taliban higher education minister Baqi Haqqani during a speech at Loya Jirga Tent, stated, “All the educational activities will be conducted according to Sharia law,”

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