• Afghans in India don’t want to go back home, despite financial woes

    Afghans in India don’t want to go back home, despite financial woes

    New Delhi: Afghan nationals who arrived in India before the Taliban captured the majority of Afghanistan say they don’t want to go back home despite financial problems here.

    Many of them are making ends meet by working in restaurants and local shops.
    Haroon, a 25-year-old came to India for studies on August 10, just five days before the Taliban takeover.

    He mentioned that his family is in Afghanistan and he is facing a huge financial crisis, and to survive, he is working in a restaurant in India.

    He said the situation in his homeland is devastating as many businesses have been destroyed and monetary support is falling apart. He also mentioned he will not return home till the time the Taliban controls Afghanistan.

    Nasib, a 24-year-old he escaped the country after he heard that the Taliban have started capturing big provinces like Kandahar and Heart.

    Nasib said, “Earlier before the Taliban takeover we hard work in Afghanistan but after they came to power we had no work, I don’t have much money and surviving with whatever money I bought with me and I will not leave India till Taliban is in Afghanistan."

    Meanwhile, the Taliban, which captured Kabul on August 15, has been delaying the announcement of the government formation in Afghanistan.