• Biden rejects allies’ pleas to keep troops in Afghanistan beyond end of August


    Washington: President Biden stated that the United States is about to settle its two-decade army engagement in Afghanistan by August 31 deadline.

    However, the president, conversing at the White House, stated he had conversed to military officers so that they would be prepared to “change that timetable, should that become essential.”

    U.S. troops are still operating around the clock to evacuate Americans and some Afghan associates from Kabul, the center.

    “It is a tenuous condition,” Mr. Biden stated. He addressed reporters plenty of figures concerning the accelerating removal force at the Kabul airport, stating that 70,700 people had been carried out so far.

    “We are currently on pace to complete by August 31,” he stated. “The sooner we can complete, the better. Every day of operations brings added risk to our troops.”

    According to an American military official, military officials will begin removing the 6,000 U.S. troops in Kabul as early as this week or this weekend. 

    They said that U.S. forces would proceed to fly evacuation missions up until the last few dates. They will then require to prioritize the left troops and supplies and any U.S. citizens desiring to leave.

    For days, the president and his crew have stated that Mr. Biden is considering whether the Kabul airport troops should stay longer to promote more evacuations.

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