• Bizarre Incident: Man finds $130,000 cash taped underneath a fridge, returns the cash to police


    Seoul: In a bizarre incident man from Jeju Island, South Korea, was left astonished after he found $1,30 000 cash under a kimchi fridge that he brought through online mode.

    As per the report of MBC News, the money was packed in transparent plastic sheets and kept underneath the Fridge; each bundle of notes was of ₩50,000.

    However, the man returned the money to the police and filed a report, claiming that he discovered the money while cleaning the recently delivered Fridge.

    The police officer said, "Following the man returning the money, a police team has been formed to identify the online seller of the refrigerator."

    "It was a huge amount of money; it's amusing as we rarely have such cases." added the police officer.

    Even though the man returned the money, he still has a chance to get it back as according to the South Korean Lost and Found Act, if the owner cannot be traced, the finder gets the money. However, the finder will keep the cash after paying 22 percent of the total amount to taxes. Therefore, he is sure to get a compensation cut even if the owner of the money is found.

    But, if the money has any criminal links, it will not be given to either of the parties.

    Notably, in 2016, the Korea Times reported a trend among the country's people to store their money in Kimchi refrigerators because of low bank interest rates.

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