• Casual Attitude: Unvaccinated students barred from attending online classes

    Casual Attitude: Unvaccinated students barred from attending online classes

    New Delhi: From superstition to callous attitude, there are many who are still taking covid casually even as the deadly virus continues to spread and claim lives every day. There are many who are willfully avoiding covid regulations such as not wearing masks, to not maintaining social distancing, even after authorities take on various steps to contain the spread of the infection.

    Amid this, school and college goers now need to be very careful of what they discuss with friends or write on social media about Covid-19.

    A reckless attitude towards the disease may result in them suffering the same fate as Logan Hollar, a New Jersey student who has claimed his university banned him from classes for not taking covid seriously.

    Interestingly, Logan was banned from attending virtual classes at Rutgers University for not being vaccinated.

    The decision may come across too many as a tad extreme but the 22-year-old has said that he is not planning to take the jab anytime soon. Logan started studying at the university in 2020 but attended all the classes virtually from his home in Sandyston home in Sussex County, reported New York Post.

    This year, when he became a senior, Rutgers became the first university in the country to make vaccinations mandatory for all students on campus.

    As Logan didn't take even a single jab, trouble was not far away. A report by NJ.com said that students who attended college virtually were not required to get the vaccine. Logan was one of them but he didn't qualify for the criteria that excluded those studying from home. That meant he had to take the jabs.

    The 22-year-old went on record saying he read the university guidelines that were released in March. It mentioned that students had to get vaccinated if they were planning to return to the university.