• China making a move in Afghanistan, trying to use Pakistan against India: America's ex-envoy to UN,


    America's former envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley has claimed that China is making a move to take over the Bagram air force base in Afghanistan that was controlled by the US for nearly two decades.

    "We need to watch China because I think you are going to see China make a move for Bagram Air Force Base," Nikki Haley

    Nikki Haley on Wednesday said that it is time that President Joe Biden's administration reaches out to its friends and allies like India, Japan, and Australia and assures them that the US will have their back.

    “The first thing you should do is immediately start connecting with our allies, whether it's Taiwan, whether it's Ukraine, whether it's Israel, whether it's India, Australia, Japan, all of them, and reassure them that we will have their back and that we need them as well,” Haley said.

    “Secondly, we need to make sure that we are going on an anti-terrorist effort across the world because we are now going to see with this moral victory that the jihadists have, you are going to see a heavy recruitment campaign around the world. You are going to see loner wolf situations,” she added.

    “We need to make sure we are protected. We need to make sure our cybersecurity is strong because actors like Russia are going to continue to hack us because we show no signs of willingness to fight back. I think they are also making a move in Afghanistan and trying to use Pakistan to get stronger to go against India. The biggest thing he should do is strengthen our allies, strengthen those relationships, modernize our military.”

    Nikki Haley pressed on the issue of terrorism and counter-terrorism. She emphasized the "need to make sure our cybersecurity is strong" and keep an eye on China for any probable cyber-attack or malicious activity.

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