• Covid-19 can be put to an end, but…: WHO Director-General


    Digital Desk: On Monday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reaffirmed that covid can be eradicated but that two things must be ensured by all governments and manufacturers around the world. First, expanding vaccination supplies to nations with low coverage that are in danger. Second, ensuring that the resources required to get the vaccine are available.

    The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) went on to say that we won't be safe anyplace until we're safe everywhere.

     "No country is immune to the pandemic; we have many new tools to prevent and cure covid-19. However, the longer unfairness persists, the greater the chance of this virus developing in unpredictable ways. We can end the pandemic if we eliminate inequity." said the WHO chief during his final address for 2021.

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    As the covid-19 pandemic enters its third year, I'm certain that this will be the year we end it - but only if we work together, he added.

    Further, he stated, "We need all countries to cooperate in vaccinating 70% of people in all countries by the middle of 2022."

    From the beginning of 2022, Tedros has emphasized the need to share vaccines and resources. He also stressed that world leaders should join forces to end vaccine inequities, citing that numerous countries have yet to vaccinate a significant portion of their population due to vaccine shortages. Meanwhile, many wealthy nations have already begun administering their booster dose.

    Even last week, when discussing the necessity of vaccination equity, Tedros stated that if we do not share vaccines equally, new viral variations will continue to ravage us.

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