• Donald Trump Jr: US left behind USD 85 billion worth of weapons in Afghanistan

    Donald Trump Jr: US left behind USD 85 billion worth of weapons in Afghanistan

    Kabul: After the hostile takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the US has left behind USD 85 billion worth of weapons, said Donald Trump Jr.

    “Every man, woman, and child in America contributed about $265 to their terrorist cause assuming +/-320 mil citizens. Well done democrats,” Trump Tweeted.

    Trump said that the US left behind 22,174 humvees, 126,295 pistols, 64,363 machine guns, 8000 trucks, 155 MxxPro mine-proof vehicles, 634 MIII7, 162,043 radios, 16,035-night-vision goggles, 169 armored personnel carriers, 176 artillery pieces, 358,530 assault rifles, 42,000 trucks, and SUVs, 33 Mi-17, UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, 28 Cessna 208, four C-130 transporters, 23 Embraer EMB 314/A29 Super Tucano, 43 choppers, 10 Cessna AC-208 planes, reported the News International.

    The US troops left behind all this because taking them would not be an economical task, and also “the Taliban probably would not give the material back to the US at the airport,” said Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser.

    In a viral video, several purported Taliban are seen inside a room filled with ammunition left behind by the US troops. In another clip, a man can be seen with hundreds of USD bundles stored in a room. The Taliban were displaying the weapons left behind and seemed to be proud to have captured them.

    According to reports, the Taliban has also captured the US military’s biometric devices compromising crucial data of the local Afghans and the US army.