• Earthquake of magnitude 7.1 rocks Mexico’s capital

    Earthquake of magnitude 7.1 rocks Mexico’s capital

    Mexico: An earthquake of magnitude 7.1 hit the port city of Acapulco, shaking the capital city of Mexico, more than 230 miles away. At least one person was killed as a result, the authorities said.

    Mexico’s national seismological service said the quake struck about seven miles southwest of Acapulco just before 9 p.m. local time. The service recorded 92 aftershocks in the hours after the quake. Photos from the city shared on social media showed cracked and damaged buildings, fallen lamp posts and streets strewn with broken glass.

    At least 1.6 million users were left without power in Mexico City and the states of Mexico, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Morelos, said the Federal Electricity Commission.

    Visuals of the mayhem caused by the earthquake, was widely circulated on social media. Power lines and buildings swayed for several seconds and residents rushed outside to seek safe ground.

    A representative for the Red Cross in Chilpancingo said it had received no reports of serious injuries. The health secretary for Guerrero state said there had been no hospital admissions as a result of the quake.