• Evacuation delayed, American Dreams squashed

    Evacuation delayed, American Dreams squashed

    Kabul: The desire of some Afghan Hindus and Sikhs to move to America and Canada has resulted in Delayed evacuation.

    Around 70-80 Afghan Hindus and Sikhs in Gurudwara Karte Parwan did not want to move to India as they want to be migrated to Canada or the US.

    These people were not only obstructing the evacuation but also are delaying the evacuation of the other people who want to leave the country.

    According to reports, a Sikh organization has assured the Afghan Hindus and Sikhs that they will be evacuated in a chartered plane but when on arrival at the Kabul airport they were denied entry and they were not sure if any chartered plane is waiting for them or not.  

    Meanwhile, India has already evacuated more than 800 people since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan.