• Facebook banned the Taliban from its social media platform

    Facebook banned the Taliban from its social media platform

    California: Social Media giant Facebook has identified the Taliban’s as a terrorist group and banned its content from its platforms.

    However, the report said, Taliban members have continued to use Facebook’s end-to-end encrypted messaging service WhatsApp to interface directly with the Afghanis, which is against the company rules against terrorizing organizations.

    The Facebook spokesperson stated, “The company is tracking the situation moreover, WhatsApp will also take action on any accounts found to be link with the Taliban’s, resulting in the removal of it.”

    Moreover, the Taliban spokesperson has tweeted during the country’s takeover, which has hundreds of thousands of followers on this social media platform.

    When asked about the Taliban’s use of the platform, Twitter pointed to its policies against the terrorizing organization; however, it didn’t answer Reuters questions about the process of classifying it.

    As per Twitter rules, it doesn’t allow the groups which promote terrorism against civilians.