• Freaky naughty: Girl gets her head stuck in ceiling, netizens call it ‘spooky’

    Freaky naughty: Girl gets her head stuck in ceiling, netizens call it ‘spooky’

    Beijing: A couple was left shocked after they found a “hairball” hanging from the ceiling of their house. The ‘ball of hair’ looked exactly like a scene straight out of a horror movie.

    The curious kid found a hole in the first floor living room of their house in Puding county in southwest China’s Guizhou province. The hole had been left for a vent installation of an extraction fan.

    The girl had no idea that the fan was to be put there and decided to put her head inside it. As soon as she peeped through the hole, she realized that her head got stuck in it.

    The parents had to call firefighters to pull out the girl’s head stuck in the ceiling. The crew upon reaching the house, were scared at first glance, after seeing a head covered in long hair hanging upside down through the ceiling.

    The firefighters on the first floor tried to pull her out, while the other crew members tried to push her head upwards, but in vain. They also tried using pliers to expand but their attempts to free the girl from the painful ordeal proved unsuccessful.

    The fire crew finally applied vegetable oil on the girl's head and were able to get her out.

    A video of the rescue efforts has gone viral on social media.

    "My nose, it hurts!" the girl told the firefighters as they tried to pull her out.

    Commander Yang Hao of the Puding division at Anshun Fire Rescue told local media that the girl had been stuck in the hole for an hour before they were alerted. The rescue team spent around 40 minutes freeing the girl.

    She was later taken to a hospital for a detailed checkup. She was not injured.