• Homeless man who spent his nights sleeping on benches is now a millionaire


    Washington D.C.: It just takes a bit of luck to flip one's destiny to turn for the best for them if accompanied with hardwork and perseverance. Spending his days on the park benches, Nick was determined that he won't give up and instead work hard to achieve his dreams. And luck played in his favour as he is now a millionaire.

    Nick Mocuta, 37, moved to the United States from Romani when he was 21 years old. He then had only $500 in his pocket to survive. He then started doing odd jobs to survive in the States. Initially Nick was unable to find an apartment when he moved Los Angeles and was forced to sleep on benches in public parks. He was barely able to feed himself. He didn’t know English well.

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    "The first cab I took to the city cost me about $100 which left me with $400 to myself – it was a culture shock, I will never forget that part. I found myself homeless in LA, slept on benches in the parks and ate on a very tiny budget. I’d go to buy a dollar burger at McDonald’s and tell them ‘no cheese’ so that I wouldn’t get charged extra," Nick was quoted as saying by Mirror.

    He managed to find small jobs such as parking cars as valet to save money for a small flat.

    Over the next few months, his English proficiency improved and he gained his real estate broker license.

    In 2013, Nick decided to experiment with selling imported electronics on eBay. Within six months, he was earning $3,000-$4,000 a month. He decided to quit his job as a broker switch to e-commerce full time.

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     "I grew up in a family where my dad was an accountant and my mum was a teacher so school was the number one thing that I was focused on growing up, but after graduating I emigrated to America with a burning desire to do more and become more. I always thought that online is the future and I wanted to be part of it," he said.

    Now, Nick has multiple online stores on sites such as Amazon and Walmart. He has raked in $40 million in revenue and also has hundreds of partnerships with clients.

    He owns many flats across US and Romania and has four luxury cars. He bought a flat each for his father and brother too.

    Nick said, "I think the reason I am successful is because I was never afraid to lose, just of not trying. I’m very perseverant and never give up. I fail seven times, I get up the eight. And I love the fact that I can work from home and all I need is a laptop and internet and I'm in business."

    The millionaire credits his grandmother for lending that $500 when he came to US.

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