• Hundreds of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan terrorists released by the Taliban from Afghan prisons


    Kabul: Around hundreds of Tehrik-e-Taliban terrorists have been released from various prisons across Afghanistan. Among the released terrorists also includes several top commanders. The Former Deputy Chief of TTP, Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, has also been released.

    The released TTP fighters have re-joined the Taliban group after being freed from the jails, sources. Several top commanders of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State have been released by the Taliban.

    Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is a terrorist organization that has posed threats to Pakistan on many occasions. It aims to overthrow the Pakistani government and receives ideological guidance from al-Qaeda. A majority of its recruits come from the tribal belt along the Afghanistan–Pakistan border.

    Experts believe that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is likely to boost the morale of various extremist groups in the Middle East and is likely to lead to new alliances with an increased danger of terrorist attacks.

    Al-Qaeda, Islamic State, and other smaller groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan will become stronger, DW quoted terrorism expert and researcher Guido Steinberg as saying in a video chat. “Jihadis, Salafists, and Islamists see that the Americans can be beaten, the Taliban have now proven that,” he added.

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