• Israel Defense Forces reports striking 200 Hamas targets in Gaza Strip; discovers tunnel shaft in a mosque

    Israel Defense Forces reports striking 200 Hamas targets in Gaza Strip; discovers tunnel shaft in a mosque

    Israeli naval forces attacked a Hamas naval training and weapons storage facility... 

    Digital Desk: In response to the Israel Defence Forces, the Israeli Air Force has attacked 200 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours. These targets include operational command centres, weapon production facilities, terrorist organisations, and anti-tank missile launchers.

    Israeli naval troops launched an overnight attack on a Hamas naval station that was being used for training and storing weapons on Monday.

    Shafts within mosques were discovered by Israeli forces-

    The IDF reported on Tuesday that underground shafts within mosques were discovered by Israeli forces on the ground in Gaza.

    Additionally, on Tuesday, the IDF declared that an "extensive" attempt to move incubators to Gaza City's Shifa Hospital had begun.

     It is to be mentioned that an audio recording of a conversation between the director general of Shifa and a senior officer from the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA) about the incubator transfer was released by the IDF.

    The largest hospital in the Gaza Strip was about to get fuel from the Israeli Defence Forces, but Hamas blocked that effort.

    The Israeli military has set up a secure escape route from the hospital as its forces advance on what it claims to be a Hamas headquarters beneath it.

    The Israeli military has presented copious evidence in recent weeks demonstrating that Hamas bases its armed operations in civilian locations including schools, mosques, and hospitals.

    The IDF put out a six-minute video on Monday that showed IDF Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari trudging through an underground tunnel connecting to Rantisi Hospital. The tunnel, according to the IDF, is one of many used by Hamas militants to conceal, plan assaults, and, in this case, hold Israeli hostages.

    The terror gang had kept prisoners in the basement of Rantisi Hospital, along with a variety of explosives, according to signs.

    According to the Washington Post, Israel and Hamas are negotiating the release of up to 70 women and children hostages in exchange for the release of Palestinian inmates and a five-day truce.

    Two more soldiers killed in the northern Gaza Strip- IDF Reports

    Notably, the IDF released the names of two more soldiers killed in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

    The two were identified, one was a Staff Sgt. named Roee Marom, 21, of Ra'anana, who was a squad leader in the School for Infantry Corps Professions and Squad Commanders' 906th battalion, also known as the Bislamach Brigade.

    The other was Raz Abulafia, 27, of Rishpon, who was a member of the 12th Negev Brigade's 6863rd battalion.

    Since the start of the Gaza ground operation on Oct. 27, at least 50 forces have been killed in action in Gaza and near the Lebanon border; 365 Israeli soldiers have died since the conflict began.

    Terrorists in Gaza continue to launch rockets against Israel regularly; on Tuesday, two persons were injured by a rocket in Ashkelon.