• It is now illegal for your boss to message or call you after office hours in this country


    Lisbon: The most hard-hitting and a common scenario most working individuals would complain of – Receiving calls or messages from office after work hours. It has now become quite normal and acceptable to answer office calls, a routine affair with most employees around the world.

    The lockdown changed the scenario of work life across the globe as work-from-home became the common scene in almost all countries. Group calls, zoom meetings and conference calls increased multi folds.

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    As no one could physically turn up to the office to interact with colleagues, digital communication was the only solution. It continues to be a norm 18 months into the pandemic.

    But the work form home format resulted in a lot of mental stress with many complaining of burnout and exhaustion.

    In such a scenario, a new office work rule in one European country has come as a boon and given a massive win in work-related mental health.

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    The Government in Portugal has passed some new labour laws that ban bosses and team leads from messaging staff and juniors after office hours.

    Portugal's ruling Socialist Party has approved the legislation that will ensure that people working from home are not disturbed or compelled to work after work hours.

    The new law has been supported by the country's employees vehemently. As per the new law, employers will be heavily dealt with and would be entitled to pay a hefty penalty, if found to break the law.

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