• Man faces 20 years in jail after jumping from a plane in LA

    Man faces 20 years in jail after jumping from a plane in LA

    Los Angeles: A traveller who decided to break into an aeroplane cockpit last week had lately been under the control of methamphetamine before he dropped from the flying plane in Los Angeles, officials stated Monday.

    He underwent an operation and is expected to arrive in central court this week on a price of interference with a flight team, which could produce 20 years in prison if he is convicted.

    It was not instantly obvious if he had a lawyer who could address his account. However, a criminal charge issued Monday provided new features concerning the event and Victoria Dominguez'sDominguez's life in the times earlier.

    The 33-year-old appeared in Los Angeles on Tuesday from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the complaint says. He planned to get to Salt Lake City, though he did not have a linking flight.

    He told the FBI that he spent the midnight at a hotel in downtown Los Angeles following downing many beers and getting ""a lot"" of crystal meth for USD 20.

    The following day, he smoked the crystal meth and travelled to Utah rather than getting a bus, the complaint states. He smoked more of the drug before travelling to the terminal Thursday but eventually dropped his flight and walked the paths through the darkness.

    On Friday, he fumbled a second flight yet was rescheduled to board United Airlines Flight 5365, determined by SkyWest Airlines, to Salt Lake City. Victoria Dominguez obtained his seat and started to doze as he "was coming down from all the drugs he had used the last couple of days," the complaint asserts.

    Suddenly he discovered other customers giggle and tell they were travelling to a separate address. He panicked. He "sprinted" approaching a flight assistant at the head of the aircraft about 7 pm and stated he wasn't feeling great and wanted to get off the flight.

    The flight attendant said the plane was about to take off, and they began to struggle. Finally, he started beating on the cockpit's opening and attempting to remove the secured doorknob.

    According to the complaint, when the pilots were distracted by the banging and did not open the gate, Victoria Dominguez pulled open the emergency exit door, and the emergency slide extended.

    He informed the FBI that his panic attack probably "gave him the power to unlock the gate." The aircraft, which had not been moving back, began to roll as Victoria Dominguez fought with a different passenger trying to control him. Victoria Dominguez got continuously and dropped from the aircraft, missing the emergency slide and arriving on the tarmac, shattering his right leg.