• Mexican rapper Dan Sur gets gold chains surgically implanted in his scalp


    Rappers around the world are not just known for their music, but also their eccentric lifestyle as well. These also include the makeovers they get done with their body, face, or hair.

    Dan Sur, a Mexican rapper, is no stranger to such changes. Photos of him went viral on social media, where he sported golden chains falling like locks of hair on his face.

    The 23-year-old artist Dan replaced his natural hair with golden locks. The locks were surgically implanted on his scalp. Dan shared the pictures and videos of his new look on his Instagram page and his TikTok page.

    Dan explained the procedure, "I have it as a hook that is implanted in my head, and that hook has a hook, and they are all hooked in my skill. The truth is that I wanted to do something because I see that everyone dyes their hair. I hope not everyone copies me now.”

    He claimed that he is the first-ever rapper to get this procedure done. Along with the golden locks, he also has golden braces on his teeth.

    His new look took everyone by surprise.

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