• New York: More children getting hospitalized as Omicron cases surge


    New York: The Omicron variant is fast spreading across countries as cases of Covid continue to rise, raising the fear of another probable threat to the health sector. Omicron cases are on the rise in New York as officials report an increase in children's hospitalization.

    “An upward trend in pediatric hospitalizations due to Covid-19 is being witnessed in the last few weeks,” said a New York State Health Department Official on the prevalent Covid situation. “Approximately half of the admissions are younger than five, an age group that is vaccine ineligible,” added the official.

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    Johns Hopkins University has released figures of the new variant over the past seven days. The United States is witnessing a surge in Covid-19 cases, with an average of nearly 190,000 new infections recorded daily in the past week.

    The advent of the Omicron variant has heralded a new threat in across nations as governments grapple with their medical preparedness to face this lingering threat. The United States administration is rushing on tests as the new variant only adds to the woes of the common people, who are rushing to locations where the testing is available.

    Holiday celebrations have been once again dampened with curbs and restrictions coming back.
    Top US pandemic advisor Anthony Fauci has admitted to some lapses in the testing problem but vows to make more tests available to Americans next month.

    “It's true that people are facing trouble in testing problems due to the non-availability of testing kits in many centers. Some are even having trouble in reaching far-flung locations. But we’re addressing the issue and the issue will be solved very soon,” said Fauci.

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    Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has announced a list of new measures as the United States battles its latest Covid surge, including shipping half a billion free home tests in the wake of the Christmastime testing crunch.

    However, the White House has faced massive criticism over the non-availability of testing kits.
    Their main strategy is currently to focus on vaccination drive.

    “It is extraordinarily contagious”, said Fauci while speaking on the new Omicron variant. The administration is looking into ramping up the Covid tests, cancellation of hundreds of flights, mellowed celebrations with limited gatherings and crowds.

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