• Omicron Threat: "It's better to cancel celebrations than to die", says WHO


    Digital Desk: Ahead of Christmas and New Year celebration, World Health Organization (WHO) appealed to the people to cancel their holiday plans and the upcoming celebrations to protect themselves against the rapidly spreading infection of the new covid variant Omicron.

    Addressing the media at a press conference, WHO chief doctor Tedros Adhanom said, “Canceling the event is better than risking life. Now the difficult decisions have to be made by the people. It means that people should cancel or extend the events.”

    “It’s better to postpone it than to mourn later.” he added.

    Further, Adhanom stated that if 70 percent of the world’s population were vaccinated by the next year, the deadly disease could end by 2022.

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    Asserting that the source of the covid outbreak is thought to be in China, he added, “The deadly pandemic which believed to be started in China in 2019 should provide details on the origins, to tackle with the deadly virus.”

    This statement of Dr. Adhanom comes when several countries, like France and Germany, have banned traveling during the festival season. The Netherlands has announced a strict lockdown in the country during Christmas. Moreover, Britain is also thinking about the lockdown.

    As per official reports, the UK has the highest number of Omicron cases at 37,101. Followed by Denmark, where there are 15,452 cases. Norway is at number three, with 3394, 1300 in South Africa and 1070 in America. Currently, there are 63,790 cases of Omicron all over the world.

    Today, US President Joe Biden can also address the nation regarding the new covid variant Omicron and; everyone’s eyes will remain on what the US President announces.

    First detected in South Africa in November, the WHO has classified Omicron as a ‘variant of concern.’

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