• Out of 10 men, 1 is always concerned over body image and tends to suicide


    Close to 40% of males struggle with body image concerns. It's devastating for them.

    Digital Desk: James Brittain-McVey, the lead guitarist of The Vamps, recently opened up about the challenges he faced with his body image. He underwent liposuction at the age of 20 due to these demands, which began while he was a teenager. He told MPs that he had struggled with anorexia since he was a child and that he still feels pressure to "look a certain way" when speaking to a parliamentary committee on physical and mental health. Brittain-McVey isn't the only one who has issues with his body issues. According to studies, between 30 and 40 per cent of men are concerned about their weight, and up to 85 per cent are unsatisfied with their muscularity. Many guys aspire to have a lean, muscular body, which is generally associated with masculinity. On the other hand, body shape concerns can significantly influence both physical and mental health if they are not appropriately addressed. Many guys, however, are afraid to speak up about their body image difficulties, owing to the stigma associated with it. In his meeting with MPs, Brittain-McVey also brought up the lack of help available for young males dealing with body image concerns, which could exacerbate those who are already suffering from mental illness. Also Read: Vastu Shastra tips: This remedy with salt and water will maintain money flow in the house

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