• Pakistan hands over "Most-wanted TTP Terrorists" list to the Taliban

    Pakistan hands over "Most-wanted TTP Terrorists" list to the Taliban

    Islamabad: The Pakistan government has handed over a list of wanted terrorists associated with the red-listed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) controlling from the neighbouring country to the Taliban.

    The Express Tribune report said Pakistan shared the list with the Taliban Chief Haibatullah Akhunzada after taking control of Kabul recently.

    The report said that Akhunzada has already set up a three-member committee to inspect Pakistan claims that the TTP was using Afghanistan land to plan cross-border terrorist attacks.

    A senior Pakistani official told The Express Tribune, “We have taken up the issue with them (Taliban) and had handed a list of wanted TTP terrorists controlling from Afghanistan.”

    “Pakistan government is expecting that the Taliban will take action against the TTP chief and its other top commanders.” added the Pakistani official.

    According to the sources of Voice of America (VOA), the Taliban has set up a separate commission for the anti-Pakistan militants to stop terrorism against the neighbouring country.

    Sources of VOA said that the Taliban commission had warned the TTP leaders to settle their problems with Pakistan and return to the country with their families in exchange for possible liberty by the Pakistani government.

    Sources said the possibility of Pakistan accepting any TTP demands, insisting the liberty would be offered following the Constitution and Laws of the Country. However, it will require the militants to surrender their weapons.

    Moreover, the Taliban claimed that it would not allow any terrorist activities on Afghan soil.

     Afghan Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said, “We will not allow any terrorist activities in the soil of Afghanistan against any neighboring country, including Pakistan.”

    Shaheen confirmed that neither TTP nor any other terrorists group will have any place in our country; it’s a clear message to all.