• Rare Catch: ‘Pig-faced Shark’ Surfaces Near the Sea Coast, Locals Baffled

    Rare Catch: ‘Pig-faced Shark’ Surfaces Near the Sea Coast, Locals Baffled

    Rome: Great mysteries surround within the depths of the blue wide expanse. The depths of our oceans hide a unique living world that we have only just started to understand. Filled with ancient coral reefs, underwater mountains and sea creatures that have lived for hundreds of years, the deep ocean is a place of mystery. In one such mysterious discovery, Italian sailors reportedly caught a rare fish from the sea and described it as having the face of a pig and the body of a shark. The sailors were obviously left baffled by this rare catch, and the pictures of the weird shark-like beast have gone viral on the internet.

    The picture of the weird fish has gone viral just recently though it was caught on August 19 this year and has been identified as an extremely rare Angular rough shark, also sometimes known as a pig-face shark.

    The fish was taken to the Harbour Office to be studied, and there it was identified as an angular rough shark, which lives upto 700 meters, 2,300 feet below the surface, meaning it rarely ever was spotted by humankind. The fish are also known as pig-face sharks.

    The pictures of the shark appeared on Facebook last Friday. Hundreds of people were surprised by the “odd-looking” fish. Some even criticized the naval officers, assuming that they had caught it on purpose and killed it.

    The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has currently listed it as endangered. As per reports, it is known to usually live in the East Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It can easily be recognized by its broad head and fat, blunt snout.